Mini-Challenge 3

The concept that we came up with is the idea of a community sharing platform for up-cycling, recycling, reuse and repair.

One of the primary factors in ensuring a sustainable future is the ability for us to find new uses for our possessions that are old or no more working by repurposing them into new forms rather than throwing them away.

The application involves no monetary transactions or exchanges but is based simply on a love for recycling and good-will.

Sharing raw materials and ideas for repurposing our possessions is a great way of working towards a sustainable future at both an individual and group level.













literature reading: keynotes

Ann Light, Irina Shklovski, and Alison Powell. 2017. Design for Existential Crisis. Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems – CHI EA ’17, May: 722–734.

The title of this paper tempted me to go ahead with it, once we had decided to pick one paper and read it thoroughly. With a wish for a personal remedy in store, this seemed appropriate. The image highlights the key points encountered in the course of reading the same.